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Tile renovation plan and precautions

Tile renovation plan and precautions

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Tile renovation plan and precautions

First, the construction environment:

1. High-altitude construction (more than 2 floors) wind is less than 5;

2, the construction temperature must be greater than 5 ° C, less than 35 ° C;

3, air humidity ≥ 85%, can not be applied in rainy days; after the rainy days, the wall is not dry and can not be constructed.

4. The construction should be stopped immediately in rainy weather.

Second, the construction plan:

Base layer cleaning - cement mortar point - tile renovation trowel (outer wall flexible putty) - batch of external wall putty powder (more than 2) - groove division - flushing maintenance (more than 2 times) - stone sense Special sealing for paint - split line paint - split line tape protection - stone primer special primer (2 channels) - stone paint middle coating - remove tape protection - stone paint special surface oil (2 Road)

Third, the construction decomposition:

1. Grassroots cleaning:

(1) It is inevitable that there will be empty drums and falling off on the external wall. It is necessary to dispose of the problem before construction, in order to carry out the next construction.

(2) Long-term rain and air contact, the dirt on the wall (oil, water flow, etc.) must be cleaned first.

(3) For walls with serious caustic soda, it must be cleaned and alkali treated before construction.

2, tile renovation putty:

(1) Enhance the adhesion between the exterior wall putty powder and the tile surface, so that the external wall putty powder will not fall off due to insufficient adhesion.

(2) Use flexible exterior wall putty to avoid the excessive rigidity of the base, and the difference between the upper and lower layers is too large to fall off or crack.

3. Exterior wall putty powder:

(1) Use high-strength exterior wall putty powder to create the best foundation for the later stone lacquer construction and improve the quality of the overall project.

(2) Construction of more than 2 roads, to achieve the required level of flatness, enhance the overall sensory effect of the project, and maximize the effect of dry-laid marble.

4. Before the final construction of the outer wall putty powder, stick the special tape and then carry out the last putty powder construction. After the putty powder is slightly dried, remove the tape and form a small groove effect.

5, flushing maintenance, the exterior wall putty powder contains a lot of white cement, need to carry out the curing process to achieve the required hardness.

6, special closed clear:

(1) The penetration of the putty layer increases the adhesion, and the cured putty layer enhances the hardness to avoid delamination of the paint film and the putty layer.

(2) Conducting an overall alkali-resistant seal to reduce the corrosion of the paint film caused by excessive alkalinity of the wall.

7, split the line paint:

(1) In order to ensure the removal of the tape at the end, the dividing line will not be stripped with paint. The dividing line is dried with paint and then coated with a surface oil on the surface, and then the protective tape is adhered.

(2) In order to prevent the primer from penetrating into the edge of the tape, it is recommended to carry out a split line with paint or face oil after the tape is pasted.

8. Special primer: This process must carry out 2 constructions to improve the overall fullness of the paint film and eliminate the running phenomenon of the wall after construction.

9, special medium coating:

(1) It is recommended to spray in two lanes to ensure uniformity of the intermediate coating and reduce material loss.

(2) The thickness of the spray is based on the standard color card.

10, special surface oil:

(1) Protect the wall and provide functions such as waterproofing and self-cleaning.

(2) Construction 2, the wall gloss is more uniform and the effect is remarkable.

Fourth, construction considerations:

1. Control of the flatness of the wall: The higher flatness of the wall can ensure the reflection of the marble effect after the construction of the stone lacquer, and enhance the aesthetics of the building.

2, scaffolding and wall point treatment: due to the shrinkage of concrete mortar and putty powder, the wall will be patched after the treatment of the wall, it is recommended to remove the wall and reinforcement scaffolding before construction.

3, putty powder flushing maintenance: improve the hardness of the putty layer, in many aspects to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the project.

4, the use of imported protective tape: good tape is not easy to degumming and at the same time enough viscosity, to avoid the phenomenon of the dividing line with paint when the tape is removed.

5. Immediately after the application of the intermediate coating, the tape is removed: the medium coating film is thicker and has higher flexibility. After the medium coating is dried, the tape is removed, and the stone lacquer film is easily taken up; at the same time, the viscosity of the tape is enhanced after the medium coating is dried, Conducive to construction.

6, the use of standard spray tools: mainly for the spraying of the medium coating, irregular guns are prone to block guns, unstable air pressure, short service life and many other drawbacks, seriously affecting the spraying schedule and spraying effect.

7. Interval of each process: After the completion of the previous process, it must wait for drying before proceeding to the next process. The recoating time of each interval is 4-6 hours; after drying for 8-10 hours, depending on the local climate Depending on the situation.

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