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Stone paint standard construction process

Stone paint standard construction process

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Stone paint standard construction process

——Cement mortar base surface series

1. Construction environment requirements

1) The high-altitude construction (more than 2 floors) wind is less than 5;

2) The construction temperature must be greater than 5 ° C, less than 35 ° C;

3) Air humidity ≥ 85%; can not be applied in rainy days; after rainy days, the wall is not dry (drying for at least 2 days) can not be constructed.

4) The construction should be stopped immediately in rainy weather.

2. Safety construction and precautions

1) All construction personnel are strict and follow the safe construction process and stone paint construction process. Strengthen safety awareness and quality awareness. .

2) The outer frame should be used for erection or the whole basket should be inspected before use.

3) Construction on the tripod or hanging basket, such as stone paint and small tools should be placed in places that are not easy to fall, so as not to hurt people at high altitude.

4) Keep abreast of the construction progress, adjust the details, and grasp the technical quality of the construction.

5) After the completion of the construction, all site facilities and other temporary facilities shall be dismantled as required, and the materials shall be withdrawn.

3, Meihui stone lacquer construction process

1) Preparation

Racks, or construction baskets, construction personnel in place, tool preparation (blade, scraper, batch knife, roller, brush, masking tape, wire, spray gun, socket, protective cover paper or plastic film, Air compressor, etc.).

2) Substrate inspection, cleaning, and leveling

For the construction of the base layer cement mortar of the building wall, combined with the stone lacquer construction design and construction process:

Check the building roof, gutters, etc. for a long time in the water environment and other parts. For example, whether the roof of the daughter's wall and its yin and yang corners are treated with waterproof details, or must be waterproofed in the future. These places are one of the main causes of alkali return and water seepage on the wall;

1 After the construction of the base cement mortar is finished, the wall must be naturally dried (flatness drop below 12.5px), generally more than 28 days;

2 Check whether the wall is loose, oily or unclean, and it must be removed, and re-scraping the mortar and pulling the hair;

3 Before applying the stone paint, you must pay attention to the pH of the wall, which is generally suitable for neutral. If the alkalinity is large, the pH must be treated. It can be neutralized by means of water or oxalic acid.

4 Before the construction of the stone paint, remove the scaffolding and the wall parts, and do the scaffolding reinforcement treatment, pay attention to the repair of the wall.

3) Stone paint construction details

For the construction of the exterior wall of the new building wall, the construction method of the Meihui stone lacquer is as follows:

4) Construction precautions

1 Close the paint roller and apply it to the construction with 30% dilution with water, dry for 2 to 3 hours, and extend the drying time on cloudy days;

2 scribe line, black lacquer on the line (Maihui special black lacquer), wait until the line of black lacquer is dry (at least 12 hours, the better the dry effect), then stick the line to cover the masking tape;

3 Roller coated with virgin stone lacquer primer, two times each interval recoating time: 4 to 6 hours; dry 8-10 hours after construction;

4 Spray the stone paint to coat the second coat, and ensure the uniformity and consistency of the spray effect. After the spray, immediately remove the mask paper and dry for more than 24 hours;

5 After the stone lacquer is painted and dried, spray two meihui stone sensation paints, each time interval of 4-6 hours, can not be missed;

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