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Joining process

Joining process

1. The applicant understands the business direction of the Meihui brand by consulting the regional distribution center, and understands the requirements, standards and procedures of the head office for the newly opened storefront;
2. The applicant submits the following information to the regional distribution center:
1. The applicant fills in the “Meihui Brand Franchise Store Application Form”
2. Copy of applicant's ID card (with application form)
3. The applicant provides proof of financial strength;
4. Pre-selected location map of the storefront; pre-selected floor plan of the storefront; pre-selected photo of the street where the storefront is located; pre-storefront door and store photo.
3. The regional distribution center will review and sign the opinions, and fill out the “Committee Comprehensive Evaluation Form” and report it to the regional manager;
4. The regional manager reviews and signs the opinion on the Comprehensive Evaluation Form for the Franchisee;
5. The regional manager will submit the application form of the Meihui brand franchise store, the comprehensive evaluation form of the franchisee and the information required for opening the store to the marketing department of the head office;
6. The marketing department shall review the materials according to the regulations of the company and judge whether they are qualified to join within two working days;
7. After the approval of the marketing department, the manager signs the opinion to decide whether to join;
8. After the manager approves the joining, the applicant shall decorate the storefront according to the unified retail system visual standard under the guidance of the marketing department's planning personnel;
IX. Provide photos after the decoration of the store, and be accepted by the marketing department. After passing the qualification, the franchise shall be granted; if it is unqualified, it shall be rectified within a time limit.


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