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Company culture



Tree character, make qualit

For products, we pursue quality and innovation;
For customers, we pursue integrity and win-win;
For the team, we pursue character and talent;
For society, we pursue responsibility and dedication.

Army head


With lofty value pursuits, outstanding literacy, and outstanding leadership skills, we can achieve great achievements in a complex environment.

Kang Yuejin, Chairman of the company

In the early years, he operated a paint shop and worked hard to earn the first pot of gold. With strong aggressiveness and crisis awareness, we have continuously expanded our business boundaries and business scope, and realized the triple jump of our own brand Meihui, a well-known paint brand agent.


Because of his own strong sense of responsibility and the business attitude of “doing the best”, coupled with the oilman experience of the early years, he made up his mind to be responsible for the customer and use the good products for the customer. High quality and good service have run through the development of the whole company and successfully shaped the high-end image of Meihui brand.


He believes that good products should not only use good raw materials, but also have better craftsmanship and pursuit of beauty. So he began to study and fall in love with traditional art such as painting and calligraphy, and tried to apply it to the construction of Meihui Coatings.


After the success, he maintained the frugality of the early stage of the venture, and he took the water away from the door and did not want to waste a bottle of mineral water. However, in the face of public welfare, he is generous and generous, investing millions to upgrade the infrastructure of the village, donating ambulances to county hospitals, and organizing exchange meetings for public welfare painting and calligraphy artists.


His excellent knowledge and long-term vision have set a strategic direction for the development of the company. His strong sense of responsibility and initiative have also become an important part of the corporate culture.

Kang Huidong, general manager of the company

Mr. Kang Huidong, under the influence of his father and his eldest brother, entered the paint industry at the age of 18, and he has a unique understanding of the industry situation and the future. He is young and eager to learn, and is determined to make progress in the direction of corporate business development and customer service. At the age of 20, he took over a dozen major paint distributors in Quanzhou City for the agency brand and instantly reversed the market situation. He was known as the “King Commander”.


With a keen market sense and strategic enthusiasm, we created the “Meihui” brand with our father Kang Yuejin. We have launched pioneer products such as putty, waterproof, interior wall paint, wood lacquer and stone lacquer, and continue to promote the upgrading of the local building materials industry.


In 2008, the leading establishment of Quanzhou Huixing Building Materials Development Co., Ltd. was the crystallization of its ten years of deep marketing in the industry. The company is positioned as a “marketing center”, aiming to improve the functional structure of the group, adding marketing department, technology application department, business school, etc., which greatly enhanced the company's marketing and service capabilities, and set the brand out of Fujian, the country, and the world. cornerstone.


Relying on the marketing center's strategy, the group's star product, Meihui Stone Paint, has stood out in the outer wall coatings in just a few years, adding East China Region, South China Region, Southwest Region, Central China Region and Southeast Asia Operations Department. The franchise stores have broken through thousands of houses, and the villa model houses have more than one million cases, leading the new style of exterior wall decoration, and blowing a stone-like luxury and natural wind.


Mr. Kang Huidong, who travels all over the world at home and abroad, uses his footsteps to measure the development trend of the industry and has deeper thoughts on the operation and management of enterprises. In 2018, Fujian Huixing Coating Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established, covering more than 100 acres and automating the assembly line. With strict quality control and super-capacity, it provided sufficient guarantee for brand building and market expansion.


Quality is the root and innovation is the wing. Mr. Kang Huidong upgraded the simple values ​​of “good rice and good materials” and “integrity and pragmatism” at the beginning of the enterprise to the core culture of “no morals, no talents, no poverty”, and believed that enterprises should be named after “de”. “Being” is famous, and it has made a difference in inheritance and innovation.


"German" is natural and follows his own heart. While the company continues to grow, Mr. Kang Huidong does not forget to give back to the society from time to time and dedicate himself to public welfare. Funding for the left-behind children's charity film "Bring home with love", visit the empty nest elderly, refresh the façade for the school, set up bursaries, organize public welfare sports events and so on.


"Being" is the view of talents that he loves talents, cherish talents, educates talents, and uses talents. It is the source of the company's continuous innovation and the power to seize the highlands. Mr. Kang Huidong is committed to building Meihui's “home culture”, which makes Meihui people more like a big family, taking into account the feelings of each family, respecting the needs of each family, and begging for it.


Everyone collects firewood and high flames, letting "German" and "cai" ignite the torch that is going forward, and strive to realize the group's century-old dream, let the nation be proud of the beauty, and make the world more beautiful because of the beauty. The fire of the stars will inevitably turn into a new era of painting, and provide a healthy, green and safe home for more consumers.


I don’t change my mind at first, and I practice it all my life.

Development and Planning

Business philosophy

Integrity and pragmatism, quality first, service attentively, customer and me win-win


Enterprise spirit

Hard work, love and fight, win, unite and love, climb the peak



Action outline

Pragmatic, efficient, innovative, and responsible



Cultural system

· Scientific and reasonable performance appraisal and welfare system, humanized management;

· The team conducts networking and outdoor development activities to enhance cohesion;

· Easily train the atmosphere and guide employees to develop themselves;

· Staff quarters, collective canteens and entertainment centers enrich the lives of employees;

· The market rewards dealers, oil workers and consumers, and builds the concept of “Dameihui”.




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