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Meihui Coatings, established in Quanzhou, the capital of China's overseas Chinese brand, is an outstanding high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of architectural coatings and waterproof coatings in China. It has five major factories and more than 100,000 square meters of automatic production base. The products cover interior walls, exterior walls, waterproof, dry mortar and accessories.


  • 1984

    Founded in

  • 300,000

    Related practitioners

  • 1000



  • 100,000


    Application building

Superior residential area

Superior residential area

Private clubs

Private clubs

business building

business building

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal




Main product


The main products are Meihui stone lacquer, kitchen and bathroom waterproof treasure, 998 waterproof expert, fabric paint, 9608 outer wall special putty, Yi clay, etc., up to more than 100 models.


The wine is also afraid of the deep alley, good products, it should let more people know.



As a national enterprise that emphasizes traditional fine culture and “people-oriented”, Meihui has a tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival cakes over the years. Filled with fine wine and prepared a thin gift, hundreds of family members spent a hearty party in the fun competition game.

At the opening of the experience pavilion, it was the Mewlett-Wood lacquer national tour signing conference, which undoubtedly added more surprises to the original festive scene. The signing conference, since its launch in early September, has been attended by more than 100 experience stores. With good reputation and great concessions, the news has been repeated.

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most traditional traditional festivals, and family and friends usually meet on this beautiful day. Meihui Coatings organizes a large-scale Bob Carnival every year, through gift giving and event organization, to thank the craftsmen for their hard work for half a year.

The blog is perhaps more luck, but the garden show is the time to show your true skills. One throws one by one, in the middle of the hall to applaud, it is also a pity, after all, happy and happy is the theme of the holiday. Meihuimen City Department will launch a new holiday game every year. I hope that through its continuous efforts, the grounding gas changes again and again, do more, give more feedback, and let the family smile a little more.

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