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Fujian Huixing Coating Technology Development Co., Ltd., established in Quanzhou, the capital of China's overseas Chinese brand, is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of architectural coatings and waterproof coatings.


It owns Hui'an Laochang (Huixing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.), Chengnan No.2 Plant (R&D Center), Huinan No.3 Plant (Marketing Center), Petrochemical Base (Fujian Huixing Coating Technology Development Co., Ltd.), and Chengnan No.5 Plant (Headquarters Base) Waiting for the five major functional areas, forming a corner of the corner, shaping the new pattern of stone wall decoration decoration



In March 2019, the Meihui Petrochemical Base was officially put into operation. The factory covers an area of 130 mu, with a total construction area of more than 50,000 square meters. It has 5 storage warehouses, 6 production workshops, office buildings, scientific research buildings and auxiliary buildings. According to the product system and production characteristics, it is divided into stone paint workshop, waterproof paint workshop, interior wall paint workshop, Yi clay workshop, putty powder workshop, emulsion and paint additive workshop.


The plant has super power dispersing machine, weighing mixing station, industrial grade mixer, high performance universal grinding machine, hydraulic three-roll grinding machine, industrial grade pipeline emulsification pump, automatic liquid filling machine, waterborne coating production equipment, etc. Multiple sets of mature assembly line operating systems. Its completion has greatly enhanced the company's production capacity and production efficiency, deepened internal quality control management, and effectively promoted the upgrade of the entire supply and demand system.




For more than 30 years, Meihui Coatings has always adhered to the simple business philosophy of “good rice and good materials” and “integrity and pragmatism”, providing professional paint products and services for consumers, customers and partners. Advance with the times, face the challenges of the new era of change, the company extracts the new development concept of "tree character, create quality", quality-based, people-oriented, focus on cultivation of "internal strength", streamline internal management, strengthen internal training, The market shows strong competitiveness and activity.



Its products are divided into five series: waterproof, exterior wall, interior wall, dry mortar, accessories, etc. The representative products are stone paint, 908 compound clay, kitchen and bathroom waterproof treasure, supreme gold paint, 9608 exterior wall special putty, fabric paint, wall More than 100 models of latex paint and wall cement.


The brand is based in Quanzhou. With its tireless efforts and love to win, it has set up East China Region, South China Region, Southwest Region, Central China Region and Foreign Trade Center. By 2019, the number of brand experience stores has exceeded 1,000. It is found in most small and medium-sized cities in China and has won the trust and support of consumers and customers.


With the good "Meihui" brand image, excellent product quality and high-quality and solid customer service capabilities, the "Meihui" brand has continued to grow and develop, and its cumulative sales volume ranks among the top in the country. It has won many honors such as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “ISO9001 International Quality System Certification” and “China Environmental Labeling Product Certification”, and has become a famous brand product in Fujian.

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