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● Dedicated agent of Meihui brand, trust Meihui brand, and customers who go hand in hand with Meihui brand;
● A customer who has worked in commercial work, has extensive industry experience, has mature management experience, and understands industry rules;
● Be straightforward, focus on long-term interests, focus on honest cooperation, and understand customers who win and win together;
● Understand corporate products, not only focus on product quality, technology, but also on marketing, and have a unique market management solution and strategy for practical customers;
● Have a strong brand awareness and focus on brand marketers;
● Those with a higher education level than those with high school or above, who have housing assets locally;
● All actions are not just for "money", customers with family, friendship and social ethics;
● Have stable and sufficient market operation funds, have business foundation, have network awareness, and know the customers who are "all in good faith";
● Efforts to do a good job in the local market and to develop businesses in a stable region;
● Focus on self-cultivating the market, knowing that brand operation wins the market, and understands the customers who cultivate, sow, cultivate, harvest, and create high-yield natural laws.

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