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Join advantage

Strict quality control management, strong production capacity, and system support policies make it easy for you to get started and enjoy the development bonus.


Price stability control

Meihui brand has strong financial strength, huge raw material storage, and the company has the ability to guarantee the stability of product prices.



No worries about service

Meihui brand set up a technical service center to ensure that you can serve you without worry!



Strong productivit

Meihui brand has a modern and standardized production workshop, advanced production equipment, and an annual production capacity of more than 50,000 tons.


Strong quality assuranc

Meihui brand is the first in the coating industry to pass the ISo9001 quality management system certification and ISO4001 environmental management system certification, and the Meihui brand products have passed the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. In June 2005, the Meihui brand was the first to use the 3.15 integrity mark in the coatings industry.



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