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Stone lacquer construction process for European components

Stone lacquer construction process for European components

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Stone lacquer construction process for European components

Construction process:

1. Grassroots processing:

(1) removing the release agent residue such as grease;

(2) Cut and fill the position where the drop is large (mainly refers to the joint of the abrasive tool).

2, putty powder leveling:

(1) Use a rubber squeegee for batch scraping, as far as possible to be smooth and smooth;

(2) Avoid the phenomenon of uneven batching such as small bubbles;

(3) grinding and filling;

(4) Watering maintenance.

3, stone paint spray:

(1) Closed clear: 30% of the water is used for construction, one construction, roller coating or spraying (the proportion of water is increased to 40%).

(2) Primer: Rolling or spraying, in principle, no water is required. Due to construction weather problems, water needs to be exchanged. The proportion is not more than 10%, and the construction is 2 channels.

(3) Middle coating: spraying 2 lanes, the first lane is full spray, the second lane is spotted spray coating, and after drying, it is micro-polished with 800# sandpaper.

(4) Face oil: It is recommended to use bright surface oil for construction. After the first construction, use 800# sandpaper for micro-grinding and then proceed to the next process.


(1) In order to pursue the simulation effect of the components, the processing of the joints of the abrasive tools is extremely important, and it is necessary to perform the cutting.

(2) Putty leveling, focus on the flatness of the yin and yang angles and lines, and then fill it after grinding.

(3) The construction of the primer must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of 2 constructions to improve the overall fullness of the paint film.

(4) The medium coating is sprayed twice to prevent sag and excessive occurrence of horizontal lines, which affects the spraying effect.

(5) The surface oil construction is 2 times and micro-grinding, and the overall feel and simulation degree are more realistic.

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