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Comparative analysis of stone lacquer and exterior wall tiles

Comparative analysis of stone lacquer and exterior wall tiles

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Comparative analysis of stone lacquer and exterior wall tiles

Introduction: Under the people's demand for beautified buildings and the increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the application status of building exterior wall decoration materials is introduced. By analyzing the factors affecting their wide application, the application prospects and development trends of stone lacquer are discussed.

1, the advantages of stone lacquer

The development of the construction industry and the demand for urban beautification, stone lacquers are increasingly valued by people for their rich color, good safety, low price, small construction load, simple construction, short construction period, easy renewal, and low energy consumption. There are many advantages compared to tiles:

1.1 own advantage

Energy consumption: in line with the national “Ninth Five-Year Plan” and the 2010 development of the current plan to save energy by 50%;

Decorative effect: color, form and variety, can be solemn and elegant, can be gorgeous and lively, in line with the characteristics of individuality;

Performance: high adhesion, easy to repaint;

Construction property: It can be directly coated on the outer surface of the building. It can be brushed, rolled and sprayed with high efficiency.

Cost: low cost;

Safety and environmental protection: low self-weight, water-based products are safe and environmentally friendly, and can be degraded.

1.2 Comparison of stone lacquer and ceramic tile

It can be seen from this table that stone lacquer is superior to wall tiles in many respects.

Contrast project stone paint tile

Safety weight is light, 0.3kg/m2-1.5kg/m2 does not exist, such as damage and fall, the safety problem is relatively large, 5kg/m2-10kg/m2, even larger, there are safety problems such as aging or damage during construction.

The scope of application is applicable to most of the material base surface, and it can be used in the more relaxed environment to flatten the cement mortar base surface, which has great limitations.

Stain resistance self-cleaning ability is not self-cleaning

The color of the decoration is extremely rich, and it can be matched with the color of the stone.

Variety of decorative coatings such as thin coating, thick coating, and napping can only provide several varieties of texture effects.

The construction quality has few influencing factors, and the quality is easy to control.

Construction speed technology matures faster, 100m2/person/day technology matures slowly, 10-15m2/person/day

The post-maintenance does not require special maintenance. The service life can reach 10-15 years. It can be easily repainted and refurbished to reach a longer service life of 10-30 years. It is difficult to renovate and costly. The cost of renovation is higher than the original decoration cost.

Price 90-160 yuan / m2 high-grade brick 80-150 yuan / m2, special color price increase of 50% or more

2, the shortcomings of wall tiles

2.1 security risks

In recent years, there have been frequent accidents in which residential walls, hospitals, schools, and other exterior wall tiles have fallen off and burst and injured. Easy to fall off and breakage is the dysentery of the exterior wall tiles, which is related to the characteristics of the tiles and the construction process. Because the joint formed by the block-shaped outer wall brick is very easy to seep, in the severe cold area, the infiltrated water forms a large volume of ice, rupturing the wall, causing adverse consequences. In addition, since the bottom of the tile is eroded and decomposed, the ability to adhere to the wall is lost, and there is a risk of falling off.

2.2 Environmental factors

The production of exterior wall tiles is a process of high energy consumption and resource consumption. The production of exterior wall tiles consumes a large amount of land mineral resources such as china clay, feldspar, quartz stone, etc. It needs to be burned at a high temperature of thousands of degrees, consumes a large amount of coal, natural gas and power resources, and will generate a large amount of waste gas, dust, sewage, and the weight of the brick. Larger, increasing the load on the building, "bulky, high pollution, high energy consumption." According to statistics, the energy consumption of building ceramic products in China is 3.1 times the world average and 27% of the total energy consumption of the society. It is the OECD (OECD) countries and regions. 4.3 times, 9 times that of Japan.

2.3 Project quality

Nowadays, in order to save costs, many construction parties still use inferior rigid adhesives as the main material for pasting tiles, which increases the safety hazard of exterior wall tiles. This artificial factor, which is difficult to eradicate, makes the engineering quality of the exterior wall tiles worrying. Because the tiles that have just been cemented can't be dropped by hand, there are usually few projects because the tiles are not qualified and have not passed the acceptance. These walls are exposed to wind and rain, plus Naturally, it is easy to fall off due to changes in temperature and the like.

The Eleventh Five-Year Plan proposes "to save resources as a basic national policy, develop a circular economy, protect the ecological environment, accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and promote economic development in harmony with population, resources and the environment. Promote the national economy and society. Informatization, we must take a new road to industrialization, adhere to economic development, clean development, and safe development, and achieve sustainable development." To build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society and achieve sustainable development, we must limit those energy-intensive, The development of industries with poor safety.

On the whole, stone lacquer has the advantage that wall tiles can't be replaced. The use of stone lacquer for building decoration has been more and more accepted by all parties. .

3, the status quo of stone lacquer application

Although the performance of stone lacquer in all aspects is better than wall tiles, there are still some problems in the application at this stage. From the development of the coating industry, the status quo of stone lacquer is analyzed:

3.1 Production technology

Lack of independent research and development capabilities. China's technical research in architectural coatings is weak. There are only a handful of scientific research units specializing in the research and development of architectural coatings. There is a lack of research on coatings, film-forming materials, various additives and pigments and advanced production processes. Among the more than 4,000 enterprises in the country, the annual output is below 1000t. Most of these companies are simple in equipment, monotonous in variety and weak in technical strength. The products produced are less competitive in the market. In addition, the production quality of domestic coatings is low, there are many low-grade products, and there are few medium-to-high-grade products. In actual engineering, the aging phenomenon such as loss of light, fading, peeling, peeling and powdering occurred in 2 to 3 years, which seriously affected The effect of exterior wall decoration has long been the formation of a low-grade ornament, which is not suitable for the consumption concept of high-grade decorative requirements of exterior walls, which seriously hinders the promotion and application of building exterior wall coatings. Most of the country still uses the tiling decoration method, so the exterior wall tiling has been sticking from the south of the four seasons to the northeast of the cold, the appearance of the building is the same, lacking color changes. The industry standard level of coatings is not high, especially the weather resistance and stain resistance and hiding rate indicators are not reasonable. In addition, China's architectural coatings do not correspond to coating development in terms of standard setting, construction technical specifications and quality management. It has hindered the improvement of the overall level of architectural coatings.

3.2 Construction technology and management aspects

Construction application technology is not enough attention, and construction quality problems have seriously affected the promotion and application of coatings. During construction, the corresponding construction technology should be selected according to different architectural coatings, base types and use environment to ensure the quality of the project. Stone lacquer is a high-performance architectural coating. If there is no advanced and reliable construction technology and strict management, it is often a good building product that is not necessarily built. At present, most of China's architectural coatings construction technology is simple, the equipment is simple, and the management is very lax. For example, it is considered that the coating construction technology content is not high, and the effect of sealing the primer is neglected in the construction, so that the coating often has the phenomenon of returning alkali, and at the same time, the adhesion of the coating to the substrate is reduced.

3.3 Concepts and policies

Due to the integration of the exterior of the building and the building itself, it is unexpected to require the exterior decoration to be required for a hundred years. The management is also handled by one-time investment. When the building is not overhauled, the exterior decoration will not be done. Specialized maintenance treatment. Therefore, it is natural to extend the requirements of the exterior wall decoration materials to be more durable and durable. This is an important cultural background in which the durability of decorative materials such as tiling and mosaic curtain wall panels has dominated since the exterior walls of Chinese buildings began to pay attention to exterior wall decoration. . In order to truly realize the large-scale use of paint decoration in the exterior wall of China's buildings, it is necessary to get rid of the misunderstanding of the one-time investment in building decoration and permanent use. There is still no strong policy support for the promotion of building exterior wall coatings. Tiles and mosaics with high energy consumption and poor safety are still the main products of exterior decoration of public buildings in many towns. Due to the development of the coating industry in the early years, the paint manufacturers are not uniform. Some low-quality and low-grade paints have once disappointed the builders. As a result, although the architectural coatings have good prospects, they have no good reputation. Wall tiles in the mainstream market have come back.

4, the characteristics of stone lacquer

Stone lacquer is a coating made of synthetic resin emulsion as the main binder and supplemented with various additives. The paint effect of stone lacquer is solemn and elegant, and it can fully display the rich texture of natural stone. Stone lacquer has strong adhesion, high hardness, rich texture, economical cost and good weather resistance. It has the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, pollution-resistant, non-toxic, odorless, strong adhesive force, never fading, etc. It uses synthetic resin to display color and maintain the long-term aesthetic quality of the wall.

With the promotion and use of exterior insulation in recent years, as well as the diversification of designer design styles, more and more thick exterior wall coatings such as stone lacquers have been promoted and used. Currently, coating methods are selected on the facade of buildings. Most of the exterior wall painting has been replaced by stone lacquer, which is accepted and liked by designers, owners and ordinary people for its excellent crack resistance, super antique effect and rich texture.

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