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How to avoid the obvious problem of stone lacquer construction

How to avoid the obvious problem of stone lacquer construction

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How to avoid the obvious problem of stone lacquer construction

In the construction of stone lacquer, there are often obvious problems with the joints. When encountering similar problems, it is necessary to conduct tests from each process to confirm which problems occur in the process, and then propose solutions in a targeted manner.

The connection was obvious: there was a problem of chromatic aberration on one wall during the construction process.

To avoid the occurrence of chromatic aberration problems, analyze the causes of chromatic aberration:

Middle coating: Since the stone lacquer is made of acrylic emulsion and color paste, it is a normal phenomenon that slight chromatic aberration occurs between batches during the production process. After construction, the color difference of the wall color will be increased in the overall visual.

Tools: Use high-quality coating tools, the best tools, to avoid problems such as uneven spray. Different types of products should be constructed in strict accordance with the construction process, and the same construction tools should not be used for different products.

Construction method: Different construction methods of different construction personnel also lead to the occurrence of chromatic aberration.


1. The same batch of construction personnel and the same wall are used for the same batch of materials. The overall wall surface is from top to bottom to avoid new and old color differences.

2. The plane effect and the rough surface effect will produce visual differences, pay attention to the difference between the backlight and the positive light, that is, the difference in color between direct sunlight and refraction.

3. After the construction is completed, some materials should be reserved as much as possible to repair the defects in the tailing stage to avoid the chromatic aberration caused by the repair of the tailing stage.

4. In the case of insufficient material found during the construction process, the same batch of materials shall be applied to the top layer due to the timely replenishment of materials for the first construction.

5. It is recommended to choose a professional team with rich experience in construction.

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