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Meihui kitchen and bathroom waterproof treasure

Meihui kitchen and bathroom waterproof treasure

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Meihui kitchen and bathroom waterproof treasure

Construction process:

Base surface treatment→Slurry configuration→Construction once→Second construction (ground layer dry through)→ Construction third time (ground layer dry through)→ Construction fourth time (bottom layer dry)

Construction process explanation and precautions:

A: Base surface treatment

The base surface should be flat, no sand, no skin, the foundation must have a certain strength, the drainage meets the requirements, the base surface should be cleaned, the base surface should be kept moist, and there should be no clear water. The yin and yang angle should be rounded with a diameter of not less than 30mm or slope.

B: Slurry configuration:

The proportion of kitchen and bathroom waterproof treasure is: powder: liquid material = 2:1. Each weighing error should not exceed ± 5%, stir with a stirrer, evenly to the latex state without precipitation, the weather temperature is too high, causing the drying to be too fast, can add water, can not exceed 6% of the additive, to determine whether the standard is uniform, The slurry has no powder, and the slurry is free to fall and move into a straight line. The mixing is used up within 2 hours.

C: Construction

In the construction plane, the agitated slurry is glued to the slurry with a brush or a roller, and the coating brush is evenly distributed. The two sides of the surface should be perpendicular to each other on the plane, and the construction of the facade coating should be applied from top to bottom and flow to The slurry at the corner of the corner should be brushed away in time to avoid cracking caused by accumulation.

The second pass of the construction must be completed after the first road is completely dry, and the second pass is applied in 4-8 hours to judge the initial dry solid standard. The slurry applied to the wall is not dry, and the touch does not fall off. The drying time of the ground needs to be long. The person walking will not be afraid of the damaged waterproof layer. If there is leakage coating and trachoma, it should be replenished in time. If it is necessary to strengthen the parts, such as yin and yang angle, the floor drain can be coated 1-2 times and the supporting network. Grupo is used as a waterproof reinforcement.

The reference dosage standard is 1.5-2.0kg/m2, and the standard coating thickness is: 1mm-1.5mm

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