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Stone lacquer construction precautions

Stone lacquer construction precautions

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Stone lacquer construction precautions

1: Stone lacquer coating should be fully stirred before use;

2: The ambient temperature is 8 degrees, the base surface temperature is above 5 degrees, and the air humidity is below 85 degrees;

3: Rainy days, cloudy days, foggy days, above 5 winds, do not apply;

4: During the construction process, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of finished products, and take practical protective measures, the intersection of color separation parts and other decorative building materials, must be taped to protect or straighten, to avoid paint contamination, doors, windows, etc. without painting If it is accidentally contaminated, it should be cleaned immediately with a damp cloth, and it is strictly forbidden to be cleaned after the construction is completed;

5: Based on glass glue and stone lacquer, it has good bonding performance. In order to ensure the beautiful effect of door and window construction, it is better to reserve a mortar base layer with a glue width of 30%-50% at the edge of the door and window. Most of the glass glue is used in mortar. The base layer, a small amount on the surface of the stone lacquer, can not only ensure the aesthetic effect of the construction site, but also ensure the bonding and sealing performance of the glass glue.

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