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Cleverly buy and use, save paint costs

Cleverly buy and use, save paint costs

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Cleverly buy and use, save paint costs

  At present, there are a lot of coating products on the market. The functions of each series are different. How to choose a coating product that is suitable for you and is economical? In addition, whether there are tricks during the use of the coating can save unnecessary expenses. The experts give the following suggestions:

Regular shop is guaranteed
When buying paint, if you want to save money and worry, you should first ensure the quality of the paint, go to the regular large supermarket, building materials city, specialty store to buy, in order to save time and effort. Usually the products and brands in these places are complete and the quality is guaranteed. Don't rush to choose a particularly cheap product in order to save money. If you can't guarantee the quality, there will be many problems when you brush the wall and after the brushing. Once you rework, the cost budget will definitely exceed the budget.
Realistic and most affordable
It is economical to purchase paint according to your actual needs. The quality of imported coatings is generally good, but the price is relatively expensive. Compared with domestic coatings, the price of imported coatings is generally 20%-50% higher. In fact, consumers can rest assured that they can buy domestic brands with high quality and low price.
At present, many brands are constantly innovating in function, and the performances such as scrubbing resistance, mildew resistance, antibacterial, and covering small cracks are endless, and the price is also rising. In fact, more functional paint may not be suitable for your home. Therefore, consumers who pay attention to the economy do not need to catch up with this fashionable trend. For example, if it is a well-ventilated, sunny house, there is absolutely no need to buy a mold-proof coating.
Accurate calculation without waste
After the purchase target is determined, it can't be taken lightly. It is necessary to know the amount of paint to be purchased. Usually the construction staff of a regular home improvement company will provide consumers with a detailed list based on the area of ​​the painting. Consumers can purchase the required coatings according to the list.
Under normal circumstances, the height of the house with a height of 2.5-2.7 meters can be calculated according to the floor area × 3.5, and the total brushing area can be calculated by dividing the total brushing area by the theoretical coating rate per liter of the product. The amount of paint used.
The merchant can be consulted about the number of paint passes and the area of ​​the paint, the calculated amount and the cost per square meter of material. Consumers should not be deceived by the unit price per barrel. The low-cost coatings are often expensive, and the final accounting is not cheap, and the quality effect may not be satisfactory.

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