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How to maintain the wall paint finish

How to maintain the wall paint finish

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How to maintain the wall paint finish

1. What are the precautions before check-in?

A: The wall paint must be protected before the check-in. Before the wall paint is brushed, the doors and windows should be closed to prevent touch. Do not place tools such as shovel against the wall. Do not clean the floor to avoid getting rid of the ground. Dirty painted wall paint. After the wall paint is dry, open the doors and windows to maintain sufficient ventilation. If the indoor temperature is too low during the drying process of the wall paint in the north winter, the necessary measures should be taken to protect the wall paint so that it can form a film better.

2. How long does it take to paint after the wall paint is applied?

Answer: Because latex paint is a self-drying coating, it needs to be agglomerated by water to promote the formation of a polymer particle by the volatilization of water, and a small amount of glycol is added for antifreeze. The volatilization of organic volatiles (VOC) such as filming aids and glycols is very slow, and has a great relationship with temperature and humidity. For the health of the residents, when the wall paint is finished, it should be painted. Use the time and conditions specified in the instructions for maintenance. Generally, in the summer, under full ventilation, you can stay in a week or so after construction. In the winter, under the condition of adequate ventilation, it is best to wait two weeks after the completion of the construction.

3. Daily maintenance after check-in?

A: After painting, the paint should be maintained from the following aspects:

1 Large and bulky furniture such as bed cabinets should be kept at a distance or protected from the wall when moving or placed to avoid scratching or bumping the wall paint.

2 Try not to splash water directly on the wall or near the wall to avoid contaminating the wall paint, or to cause the wall paint (swelled by the putty) to drum up due to prolonged water immersion.

3 Do not put the fire too close to the wall, try to stay away from the fumes.

4. How to clean and scrub the wall?

A: Although many companies' wall paints claim to have good scrub resistance and can clean all kinds of stains on wall pollution, most wall paints are especially those high-PVC latex paints that are sold the most on the market. Can not clean and scrub those stains, only those high-grade elastic or silky wall paint can be cleaned. When cleaning, use a damp cloth with a small amount of water or a cleaning solution to gently scrub the stain.

5. How to repair the wall paint?

A: First check the wall condition, use different repair methods according to different defects. For the wall coating with better overall coating, only need to remove the floating and sinking, oil stain, etc., and repaint the new paint. For wall paints with serious problems such as differentiation, cracking, blistering and flaking, thoroughly remove them, re-apply putty, polish and then apply primer and topcoat.

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