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Selection and construction tips for home decoration latex paint

Selection and construction tips for home decoration latex paint

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Selection and construction tips for home decoration latex paint

First, how to choose latex paint?

The function of latex paint is very important. The latex paint should be selected according to the different brushing areas. For example, the latex paint used in the bedroom and living room wall requires strong adhesion, fine texture, good differentiation resistance and breathability; kitchen and bathroom. Latex paint should be waterproof, mildewproof and easy to wash. Polyvinyl acetate latex paint can be used in the bedroom; however, the kitchen, toilet and balcony can be selected to be more resistant to scrubbing, strong ethylene-propylene or styrene-acrylic latex paint.

Second, what should the construction pay attention to?

Before the construction of the latex paint, the wall must be handled well, otherwise the latex paint will cause serious problems such as falling off, cracking and foaming. Nowadays, when many people are working, the putty still uses 821 putty. In fact, the 821 putty is not resistant to water. When the wall contains water, the 821 putty will absorb water and foam, which causes the latex paint to foam and fall off in a large area. At the same time, the better the performance of the latex paint, the better the film formation, the more serious the problem. Therefore, when using latex paint, first seal the wall with a back cover and then use water-resistant putty to avoid the above problems.

When the latex paint is applied, it should be evenly mixed. Especially when using brightly colored products, if it is not stirred evenly, when the dispersion of the colorant in the paint is unstable or the colorant is precipitated after storage for a long time, the construction will cause the finish. Hair flowering, seriously affecting the decorative effect.

In addition, the amount of water and water added during the construction of latex paint must be strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations. Because some manufacturers have fully considered the various needs of users when designing and developing latex paints, they have designed a variety of formulations. Some latex paints do not need to add water during construction. Adding water will destroy the various properties of latex paint.

Note that brushing, roller coating and spraying process can be used during construction. No matter which method can achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to adjust the viscosity of the latex paint. The viscosity is easy to brush during construction, and there is no brush after brushing. Apparent brush marks are appropriate. The viscosity is too large, the brush marks are obvious, and the viscosity is low, which is easy to cause scum, poor hiding power and the like.

After the construction is completed, the tools should be cleaned with water in time. Otherwise, after the latex paint is dried, it will be difficult to clean due to the water resistance of the paint film.

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