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Six test methods for common indicators of waterproof coatings

Six test methods for common indicators of waterproof coatings

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Six test methods for common indicators of waterproof coatings

First, the film thickness check:

Needle puncture method should be used to puncture three points per 100 square meters, measure the height with a ruler, take the average value, and the film thickness should be greater than 2 mm. Use a marker to mark the puncture for repair. China Waterproof Material Net Waterproof Building Material Net Waterproof Information Waterproof Plugging Bidding Coating Engineering Construction Project Management Waterproof Material

Second, the elongation of elongation check:

In the waterproof construction, the supervisors can go to the construction site to apply the mixed materials to the flat glass plate (the glass plate should be waxed first), the film thickness is 1.2-1.5 mm, and after 7 days, Immerse in 1% alkaline water for 7 days, then bake in a 50 ° C soil 2 ° C oven for 24 hours to do a dumbbell-type tensile test, requiring an elongation retention of 80% (200% without treatment). If the standard is not reached, it indicates that the proportion of emulsion blending is insufficient during the construction.

Third, water resistance check:

The paint was applied to the cement block several times, and the film thickness was 1.2-1.5 mm. It was placed for 7 days, and then immersed in 1% alkali water for 7 days without delamination.

Fourth, the watertight inspection:

Under the condition, the instrument is tested. The method is to proportionate the paint, apply it to the glass plate several times (the glass plate is waxed first), the thickness is 1.5 mm, let it sit for 7 days, then put it in the oven. The inside was baked at 50 ° C ± 2 ° C for 24 hours, and after taking out, it was allowed to stand for 3 hours, and the impermeability test was carried out, and the water impermeability was 0.3 MPa. No leakage for 30 minutes was acceptable.

If the conditions are not available, the waterproof effect can be checked by visual inspection by applying the paint to the non-woven fabric 4-6 times, and after drying (about 24 h), the film thickness is 1.2-1.5 mm, which is made into a slow box shape. Hang out, but do not leave a dead angle, then add 1% alkaline water to the box, 24h no leakage is qualified.

Fifth, the adhesion check:

G-type polymer waterproof mortar, can directly form the "8" character mold, and then die after 24 hours. Soaked in water for 6 days, indoor temperature 25 ° C ± 2 ° C dry curing for 21 days, do bonding experiments. G type waterproof mortar, ash: water: glue = 1: 0.11: 0.14, G type waterproof mortar is 2.3 MPa.

Put the R-type paint into a sesame sauce, apply the good paint to the two and a half "8" mortar blocks, and place it for 7 days for the bonding experiment. R type ratio (high elastic), powder: glue = 1: 1.4; (middle shot), powder: glue = 1: 0.8-1. The R type is 0.5 MPa, and the adhesion index is equal to or higher than the bonding index.

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