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R&D application


● As a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of architectural coatings and waterproof coatings, Meihui Coatings attaches great importance to the innovative research and development of products. In-depth interpretation of market demand.


● From putty powder to stone lacquer, we have been innovating and piloting for more than 30 years, leading the decoration trend again and again.


Expert advice


● Innovation is the wing and sustainable development. Meihui continuously introduces high-level talents and has established a strong scientific research and operation team. It is one of the fourth group of Quanzhou expert workstations identified by the leadership team of the Quanzhou Municipal Committee of Talents.


● With professional technical services and customer service departments, we will do our best to answer and deal with any doubts in joining, operation, construction and after-sales.


Professional guidance

● Relying on a strong scientific research and market service system, Meihui products are constantly upgrading and iterating, and compiling a standard of higher than the national standard.

● High-quality products must be equipped with a scientific coating system and the correct construction process to achieve the desired results. We will solve any problems in the painting process for you.

● From the purchase of products to the coating process, from painting cost accounting to professional construction team recommendation, from pre-construction preparation to post-construction maintenance, we will provide you with comprehensive professional services.


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